My snakeskin collection started with a python  cuff bracelet and is growing quite quickly!  I have not made jewellery before and am finding it quite addictive.  I hope you like it.

Skinny bracelets, cuff bracelets, bangles and wrap bracelets are all on the way to add to my original collection of individual leather necklaces and cuff bracelets with semi precious stones.

A selection of my jewellery will be in python snakeskin. The shades in the natural python vary through greys and black to creams and dark browns. Natural marking also vary and attention is given to the positioning of the markings on each bracelet. There is more information about the types of snakeskin available on my original snakeskin page.

First Python Snakeskin Cuff Bracelet

Python Snakeskin Cuff Bracelet

Python Snakeskin Cuff Bracelet Tips

My First Python Snakeskin Cuff Bracelet

Natural Python Snakeskin Bangles
Antique Finish Python Snakeskin Cuff Bracelet

Here Comes the Snakeskin Collection  !!

Foiled Whipsnake Cuff Bracelet

Whipsnake Bracelets On The Way

Karung Snakeskin Cuffs and Bracelets Coming Soon

Mens Python Snakeskin Double Wrap Bracelet



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 Snakeskin Leather Cuff Bracelets and Bangles

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classic brown brisa toscana shearling headband
toscana shearling wraps
grey toscana shearling scarf
classic mens sheepskin hat
dark brown toscana shearling gilet
honey toscana shearling tippet
pale tricolour hair cowhide belt
50mm mens python snakeskin belt

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mens python snakeskin double wrap bracelet
python snakeskin cuff bracelet
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